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PermaSeal by S.A.L.

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The world's only eco-friendly solution that makes getting a flat tire a thing of the past.

  • 100% Guaranteed

  • Prevents flats from nails

  • Prevents flats from screws

  • Tire Pressure Monitor Safe

  • Extends Tire Life

  • Improves Run-Flat Protection

  • Water Based

  • Easy Clean-Up

  • Non-Toxic - Helps Balance Tire

  • Works on Cars/Trucks/Vans

  • Works on Motorcycles/ATVs

  • Commercial/Industrial Applications

  • Military Applications

Permaseal Tire Sealant is a proprietary formula made and especially developed for passenger cars, SUV’s, light trucks, vans, off-road, heavy duty trucks, and military applications.


The specialized formula coats the inside of the tire tread and will never dry out. The formula contains corrosion inhibitors that help prevent rust on wheels and rims.


It is non-toxic, water soluble, and will not harm tires, tire pressure sensors, or any part of the wheel assembly. Easy clean-up is done with a damp rag, hose or bucket of water. The Permaseal Tire Sealant provides protection from puncturing objects up to 1/2” in diameter and in temperatures ranging for -40°F to 225°F and is available in light duty or heavy-duty dosages for extreme conditions.


When installed in compliance with state and federal DOT regulations, Permaseal Tire Sealant is backed by an industry leading global insurance company.

S.A.L. has agreed to represent this product because it is eco friendly, saves fuel and down time for a myriad of transportation vehicles.   Our goal is to assist our clients and the transportation industry in solving problems, flat tires is a significant problem.  They cause downtime, accidents and possible injuries.  PermaSeal solves all of these!  

Made in North America

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