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It takes experience and teamwork to build a great company that can service its clients, employees and vendors.  Between the two of us, Kenny and I have over 65 years of business development experience.  We are bring our individual and unique skill sets together to form and build SOURCE and LOGISTICS.  

John Allegretti

Partner / CEO


John is a forward-thinking Executive with proven record of accomplishments in transportation, hospitality, oil & gas, solid & hazardous waste during a 30-year career.  Driven and ambitious change manager dedicated to continuous business improvement focused on enhancing revenue and streamlining business operations.  Diligent in driving profit maximization through multifaced business approaches. Excellent reputation for resolving problems, improving customer and employee satisfaction, and driving overall operational improvements.

I love hanging out with my family and playing golf.  

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Kenny White

Partner / CRO


Kenny is a self-motivated outside business development professional with over 30 years in remote selling and marketing to fortune 100 and consumers through both long and short-term sales cycles across the United States. Dedicated and focused team leader with a history of being the number one producer at all levels. Prioritize selling service and product value over price.  Experienced and able to relate to a broad array of customer types with a strong ability to understand the customer’s needs and guide them down a path to find solutions that will help them achieve greater commercial success. All communications are geared towards building strong long-term relationships.  

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